Office of Student Assistance and Relief

Frequently Asked Questions

OSAR is a State of California governmental agency that was created to assist California’s prospective, current and past students of private colleges.

If you are a California resident who has enrolled in a private college or is considering enrolling in a private college, OSAR can assist you.

OSAR provides individualized assistance to California residents selecting a private college, and counsels California students as they navigate their financial and academic future following the closure or unlawful activities of the private college they attended. OSAR helps students research colleges and helps students identify, obtain, complete, and submit financial relief documents through on-site or remote outreach.

OSAR provides prospective students information on making informed decisions when choosing a college and also information on their rights when attending a private college. OSAR provides current and past students of private colleges information about their rights, filing a school complaint, and resources available to them (including potential reimbursement from the Student Tuition Recovery Fund). OSAR also provides one-on-one guidance to help students access State and federal relief programs, and free nonprofit resources.

The services provided by OSAR are free of charge.

The OSAR partners with the California Student Aid Commission, the Office of the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, the California Department of Veterans Affairs, the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the United States Department of Education.